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You've Lied To My Face

These Voices In My Head


I woke up courtesy of Tony flopping down on top of me. I opened my eyes and he grinned cheekily at me, and kissed the top of my nose.

'Wake up, man.' He said, lifting himself off me and ambling off to the kitchen, where Mike was doubled over with laughter. He composed himself and turned around to make coffee.

'I'll have one, thanks Mike.' I said while Tony went over and hugged him from behind. I smiled to myself. Those two were so cute. I stretched and started folding up the linen, placing it in the cupboard.

'Coffee's ready.' Mike calls.

'Thanks, again.' I say, sitting down opposite them. Tony was sitting on Mike's lap, playing with his hair. Vic emerged from the back lounge, his hair sticking in all directions. Mike picked up a spare beanie lying around and jammed it on his head.

'Thanks, bro.' Vic mumbled, yawning, causing a chain reaction.

'No probs.' Mike replied, sipping his coffee. Vic emptied the contents of the kettle into another mug and made himself a coffee.

'So, Tino, planning on going back to your bus, soon? Not that I mind you staying here.' Vic asked, sitting on the lounge.

'I don't know. I was kind of hoping that you would help me out with that situation.' I mumbled, combing my hair with my fingers.

'What situation?' Asked Mike, downing the rest of his coffee. Vic rolled his eyes at him.

'Always the last to catch on...' He muttered.

'Well, I uh -' I paused.

'Go on, tell him. He's not going to judge you. He is bi.' Vic encouraged.

'Are you bi too?' Mike raised an eyebrow, playfully eyeing me. I laughed as Tony slapped him.

'Stop eyeing him! You're my man.'

'Gay, but close enough. And don't tell Tony, but I'll catch up with you later on.' I winked and Tony stared at me, open-mouthed.

'Jealous, Turtle?' Vic asked. 'You shouldn't be. Remember...?' Vic winked at Tony and soon implications and winks were sent flying around the room as Jaime appeared.

'Anyway, go on, Tino.' Vic said after a few minutes and all the Pierce guys had been slapped at least once by their partner or another band member.

'I walked in on Phil and Alan... making out in Phil's bunk. I just don't think we're meant to be. I thought I had all these signs, but... nothing.' I sighed and rested my head in my hands, looking at how much of my coffee was left. I continued telling them about the situation when Tony interrupted me.

'I'm sorry, man.' Tony said, all smiles wiped off his face. He leaned over and rested hand on my shoulder. 'I'm always here for you, you know that?'

'Yeah, thanks.' I smiled. Jaime walked over and just hugged me. Suddenly, the door burst open.

'Tino,' A voice started.


I woke up at ten, entangled in someone's arms. I smiled as I fantasized about who was holding me. I opened my eyes and saw ginger hair. My mouth dropped open and I slammed the bunk above me trying to get out of his hold.

'ALAN?!' I shouted, wincing as the sound echoed around the small area. I looked around the bunk and saw two bottles of empty whiskey and both of our clothes discarded around the bunk. I blushed and covered myself.

'What? PHIL!' Alan yelled back at me, also blushing.

'What the hell happened last night?' I asked, wincing again. I was definitely hungover.

'I don't remember...' Alan said. We both grabbed our clothes and put them on. Alan hopped out of the bunk first, nearly hitting his head.

'Austin? What happened?' I heard him ask as I crept out after him.

'Don't bother hiding it. I heard you guys last night. Even with my headphones in.' I saw Austin shudder. He was sitting on the couch, watching cartoons on the small television.

'Fuck.' Was all Alan said. Austin just nodded, eating some cereal.

'Where's Tino?' Alan asked, looking around. Austin shrugged.

'He left after he ripped the curtain open. I think he spent the night on another bus. And I suggest you both have showers. Separately, of course.'
I went and had a shower while Alan caught up on what exactly had happened last night. All squeaky clean, I poured myself some cereal and sat down next to Austin. He explained it all again, while I ate my breakfast.

'I said Tino, not Alan! Shit... where's Tino? I have to tell him!'

Austin just shrugged again, and turned back to the cartoons. 'Search the buses. Maybe Pierce's? And we have a sound check at three. Be there by two thirty.' I nodded and scampered off the bus. I wandered around for a little bit, trying to find the correct bus. I knocked on everybody's who he could possibly be at, but I finally found Pierce the Veil's bus. I slammed the door open.

'Tino,' I stopped dead in my tracks, and all eyes were on me. Tino and Jaime cut off their embrace. Tino just stared at me disgust written all over his features.

'I - uh - we have a sound check at three.' I stuttered, tumbling back out of the bus and running a few hundred meters, before doubling over and emptying the contents of my stomach. What was I thinking? I just couldn't blurt out that I liked him! I felt a hand on my back.

'Come back to the bus, Phil.' I heard Mike say.

'Okay.' I said, shaking as I accepted a glass of water. I spat out the first few mouthfuls and followed Mike back. Tony, Jaime and Vic were standing outside the bus.

'Go in.' Jaime said, shoving his thumb at the door. I walked in and saw Tino on the couch.
He opened his mouth and I cut him off.

'Before you say anything, I just wanted to say that....'


Title cred: Scared - Three Days Grace


I sincerely thought it was great. c:
phalentino phalentino
Woah, really? I'm currently rewriting it because I think it's pretty bad...
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
OH i rate this story 10000000 out of 10 jfc i loved this so much
phalentino phalentino
Why, thank you! :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
love thi