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Rise & Rise Again

survivors in silver skin.

My fingers gently run through my newly-bleached hair. It felt nice to have my blonde hair back. This was a new fresh start for me. Austin always loved to see me with my shiny blonde hair and natural Florida tan. It wasn't until after I started interviewing for Storm TV that I dyed it strange colors. From pink to black to lime green and electric blue - it took at least three bleaches to completely get the color out, and even then there was a tint of pink or red underneath the blonde. I settled with the light violet color sometimes before I found out I was pregnant and when the color faded enough I redyed the purple. Now, over a year later, I was back to my blonde roots.

The television was on in the living room as I stood in the kitchen over the stove, making myself an omelet. Echo lay on her pet bed, head resting on her paws while she watched me with half-lidded eyes. I looked at her for a moment before looking around the spacious apartment that Austin and I lived in. The living room was connected to the kitchen with a wide doorway, leaving the front rooms very big and open. There was a small hallway that lead to the two bed rooms and bathroom.

I took the pan off the stove, and made sure the omelet was safely on a plate and cooling before I left it there and walked down the hall. Echo's head perked up as she watched me walk.

The bedroom door was opened and lead to a messy bed that I had slept in for the last five nights, waiting for Austin to get back from Australia with the rest of the crew. I owed Ala an apology cake for punching him the day I arrived.

The other door, across from our bedroom, was where we had the nursery set up. The walls had been painted, much to the landlord's grief, a light purple with pink and yellow flowers. A medium sized wood cut out of our baby's name was still on the wall where the crib would have been before we took it back. The while paint was dirtied by dust. There were cardboard boxes upon boxes of toys and diapers and clothes. On the wall holding one of the two windows in the room, were framed pictures hanging of the band, and of Austin and I from our younger years.

I opened the door and the air smelt stale from the lack of circulation and the dust that had piled up over the last few months. Echo trailed behind me, sniffing around the room before looking up at me and whining softly. I bent down and gently scratched behind her ear, giving the canine a sad look.

"I know, Echo. I miss her too."

A soft sigh fills the room. The rays of sunlight coming in light up the particles of dust flying around in the room.

Somehow, I find myself sitting in the floor of the nursery, Echo sitting beside me. She watches as I go through the boxes, looking at the little outfits and toys, wishing more than anything I could put them to use. Then, at the very bottom of the box, is a handful of photos that are soon covered in tears as I look through them.

There is my sweet baby, Julia Rose, dressed in the little pink dress we were going to bring her home in. Her skin is a fresh pale color, with a light blush applied to her cheeks to give her a lively look. The casket is an off white, looking plenty like the small crib that Austin and I had picked out for her - it was just as soft. She looked peaceful, almost as if she were simply taking a nap.

The last picture, however, was of Austin and I, holding onto each other while they began to fill the lot dug for her. We looked sickly, almost as if we had died, ourselves. Truly, we had. Our hearts no longer beat. Those long nine months, going through so much struggle, and it all came down to it being for nothing.


I look up, wiping away my tears as Austin walks into the nursery. It pains him to step into the room, I can see it from the expression on his face.

"Austin, hey, I didn't hear you come in. You're a day early, what are you doing here?"

I move to stand up, dropping the pictures back into the box and putting the clothes and toys on top. After I get just a few in, Austin wraps his arms around me, stopping me from continuing, and sigh into my blonde hair.

"I love you."

I drop the dress in my hands and wrap my arms around his waist, burying my face into his neck.

"I love you, too, Austin."

"Come on, let's go lay down. You look like you need a nap."

He releases one of his arms from around me, but keeps the other with a tight hold and guides me into our bedroom. My bags are laying beside the closet door, still yet to be unpacked. Austin closes the door, keeping Echo out and forcing her back to her doggy bed in the kitchen. Austin helps me out of the baggy tee and gym shorts, leaving me naked from the waist up, before pulling off his own shirt and jeans, leaving him in the same situation. We lay down in the large, warm bed, wrapped in each others arm, laying there.

After ten minutes, the silence becomes too much for me.

"Remember the first time you took me and made me try sushi?" I mumble, curling my legs up slightly and run my fingers over his tattoos.

Austin chuckles and kisses my hair. "We found out you're allergic to crab. That was a fun night in the hospital." I laugh softly with him and nod.

"Remember when I took you to get your first tattoo?" Austin asks, rubbing his thumb over my hip. I sigh and move closer to him.

"Sometimes I forget it's there." I kiss his chest as his finger traces over the healed lines of a stormtrooper mask. He had one on his thumb, but it was faded and in need of a touch up. "I want to get another one," I tell him.

"Really? What do you want?"

I shrug, breathing softly. "I don't know, yet. Something meaningful. Something I don't ever want to forget is there."

Austin kisses my hair again and takes one of my hands in his, intertwining our fingers, letting me feel his slightly calloused hand against my own. The metal of my engagement ring weighs heavy on my finger.

"When do you want to go get married?" I ask him, but he's surprised by my question.

"What do you mean?"

I move my body so I'm looking him directly in his soft brown eyes, holding my own soft look. "When you said we should get married, back in Australia, you said we could just go to City Hall and apply for a marriage licence and that we would have a ceremony later on. When do you want to go?"

Austin is quiet, taken back by my words. My throat starts to sting and my heart feels heavy.

"Do you... do you not want to marry me?"

"What? Zoe, no! I want to marry you more than anything!" Austin's lips are against mine. His fingers pull from mine to gently cup my cheek and the other tangles in my blonde hair. I kiss him back because it's become first nature to do so when our lips touch. There's nothing between our hearts and souls but skin, now. He pulls away slowly. "I want to marry you, but I don't want to leave this bed. It's been a week since I've had you in my arms and I miss the feel of your body against mine."

I kiss him again, letting him get in just those few words before I silence him for good. My body climbs on top of his, straddle his thin hips, and his hands grip my waist. His thumb rubs against the slightly raised skin of my tattooed hip, while my tongue fights his in his mouth. His thumb raises up just two inches higher and strokes the sensitive skin of my side. I pull away laughing. He's aroused; evidence is both on his face and the way his hips are rolling up into mine, but he grins at seeing me laugh. His fingers move higher and across my bare belly. I laugh and try to keep kissing him, but the ticklish feeling is too much.

Austin rolls me over onto my back, hovering over me. He sits between my thighs, back on his hunches, and continues to assault my poor nerves. I almost scream at him to stop because I'm starting to cry from laughing and it hurts. The laughing, while good for the soul, hurts my lungs as I try to catch my breath. Austin doesn't let up, even when I grab his wrists and try to pull them away.

"Austin!" I breathe out in with a laugh. "Austin st- stop it!" He doesn't stop. Just keeps going more and more, harder and harder until I surely have lost my breath and start to gasp, continuing to laugh and cry. Austin gives me his warm laugh and lets up finally, easing his fingers off to my sides and back to my waist. I sit up, coughing slightly, but breathe deeply to gain back the necessary oxygen to live.

When are breathing is back to normal, Austin and I just grin at each other, running our hands over each other's skin - his much more inked than mine. He kisses me softly, leaning over so that I lay back, my head resting on his pillow. The soft kiss, how ever, forms into more when his fingertips stroke the curve under my bare breasts, and cups them in his warm palms. His thumbs rub my nipples, causing them to tighten and harden under his touch. Austin continues to tease me as such, leaving me under neath him to moan into the open mouth kiss.

His tongue feels soft and smooth and chilled as it moves against mine.

"How long has it been?" He whisper, moving his lips down my jaw bone to my ear. "How long has it been since you've had my cock inside of you?"

I moan, the forceful, blunt words making my brain go hazy.

"Since August."

August was a long time ago. It's now March, falling into the warm months of the early spring. Austin groans into my ear, causing goosebumps to raise over my body. His teeth sink into my shoulder as he grinds the obvious bulge in his boxers down into the wet center of my plain cotton panties. He was always a loving man, but knew how to take charge.

"That's a long time, Zoe," he tells me, almost as if I don't know. While I may have spent most of the time between September and now grieving, that does not deter the fact that I'm a woman with needs. I know it's been a long time. After September my hormones were constantly trying to fall back in place and some days I'd eat a whole carton of ice cream while the next I was an animal entering heat. "Far too long."

His tongue moves in a thin line up my throat. I shiver.

"Austin," I groan, thrusting my hips up into his. "Baby, I know, now please, for God's sake, take off your fucking boxers or I will."

"You don't have much room to talk, Zoe." His voice is deeper, almost as if he's about to scream for a song but he's not. He's talking to me, he's growling at me and I'm about to lose my mind. "You can't do much while under me, baby."

"But I can do this," I retort without missing a beat and grab him through his boxers, jerking the average sized length. He grows another half inch in my hand, a growl rumbling through his chest as he bucks hard into my hand. I hum softly, kissing at his throat when he bares it to me. "That's right, Austin, I have you in the palm of my hand."

"Zoe," he growls again, staring at me with dark lustful eyes. There's love there, too, hidden behind the arousal of our bodies being apart for over six months. I hum again, smirking, to acknowledge that I heard him. "I'm going to make you scream."

"Isn't that the point?"

His mouth attacks mine, blocking out any words. He drops down to holding himself up on his elbows, ours chests pressing together, my nipples rubbing against his hot skin. Within seconds we have sweat pooling in the contours of our body. One of his hands reaches down to forcefully slide between my thighs and push aside the cotton panties I wear, rubbing at my soaking folds.

"You're so wet, baby, and it's all because me," Austin reminds me before I feel two of his long fingers slip inside of me. I mewl into his mouth, dropping my hands to the bed sheets, fisting them between my fingers. They twist and scissor apart and pleasure me like no other hand could possibly.

"Zoe." His voice makes me slowly open my eyes, pants of heavy breaths being exchanged between our bodies. "Take off my boxers." His eyes stare, forcing me to obey him because that stare makes my whole body tingle. I whine softly, unable to unlatch my hands from the sheets. "Zoe," he says with a firmer voice, and his fingers slow their agonizingly wonderful assault on my pussy. "Take them off."

"Fucking hell, Austin," I moan, and tug my hands from the bed and shove the flimsy athletic-material down his strong thighs and to his knees. I couldn't get my hands to reach any further down. Austin kisses my lips, catching my moans when his fingers curl to brush against a sensitive spot.

"Good girl. Now flip over," he commands, pulling his fingers from me. I watch with wide eyes when he licks them clean. I don't hear the comment he makes on my taste, but I know he's pleased. He pinches my thigh when I don't do as he says at first, and force myself onto my stomach. He pulls the pillow I had under my head and stuffs it to hold up my hips.

And then there he is: hot, hard and twitching against my thigh. His hips move so that he's rubbing the soft skin, teasing me, so close to filling me but still so far away. I need him. I want him. I yearn for him. My back arches, pushing my hips close to his. Austin grabs my waist with his free hand, the other pressing against my lower back to keep me steady. I use my arms as a makeshift head rest and find myself biting into my forearm when he easily thrusts into me, filling me full in one try. My body was gladly taking him.

"That's my girl," he mumbles, kissing the back of my neck. His hips pull back, pulling him from me before they move forward again. "Damn, baby, you feel so good."

I don't reply, simply focusing on the feel of euphoria hanging over us and the need for a release.


Ooooh, kill 'em!

Ahh, smut. It has been too long since I've written any. I may be losing my touch.
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