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I Fell in Love With a Boy at the Rock Show

Wanna Watch A Movie?

I woke up to people yelling, again! This time it was coming from outside. I stood up and peeked my head out into the bunk area. Aaron was climbing out of his bunk.
"Did you hear that?" I asked him.
"Yeah. Want to check it out?" He asked.
"Yup" I answered and stepped out into the bunk area. Aaron motioned for me to follow him. We walked into the front lounge and he opened the door. He walked out and I followed.
"What is going on out here." He asked. Kellin was being pinned down by Matty and Alan was sitting on the ground.
"Kellin just attacked me!" Alan yelled.
I saw he was bleeding.
"Oh my god, Alan you're bleeding!" I gasped and rushed over to him. I looked over him. He did this didn't he, but why?
"Kellin, why?" I asked sadly
"I saw Alan carrying you to the bus and told Kellin. He just blew up." Matty explained.
Matty let Kellin go and he stood up.
"I'm so sorry." He whispered and ran off.
"Kellin!" I yelled after him, but he just ignored me.
I stood up and ran after him. My bare feet beat against the grey concrete as I began to catch up. He turned and ran into the nearby woods. I kept running after him, but it was dark and I could barely see him. I tripped on a root that was sticking up and fell face first into the moist grass.. That was when I lost him. I sat up and looked for him, but there was nothing but darkness. I stood up and began to make my way back to the bus. I walked up to the Of Mice & Men and opened the door. I walked inside. Alan and Aaron were sitting on the couch. The blood coming out of Alan's nose had stopped.
"Elli, You're bleeding. What happened." Alan asked me.
I looked down and my knees were bleeding.
"I tripped and lost him." I confessed.
I walked over to the little kitchen area and grabbed a few paper towels. I wetted the slightly. I handed one to Alan.
"Put it on your lip." I told him.
He did as he was told. i looked through the cabinets for band-aids. I found a box of spongebob band-aids. I sat down on the couch and applied the wet paper towels to my knees.
"Um... I'm gonna go to bed. Is that okay?" Aaron asked.
"Yeah. It's fine." Alan answered.
Aaron went back to the bunks and I finished cleaning my wounds. I put the spongebob stickers on my knees. I heard Alan giggling beside me and looked up.
"What's so funny." I asked quietly.
"You got spongebob stickers." He giggled.
I rolled my eyes and smiled at him. His left eye was beginning to bruise. I stood up and went to get ice for his eye. i put ice into a bag and gave it to him.
"Do you want to go in the back lounge and watch a movie?" He asked.
"Sure!" I answered.
I followed him to the back lounge.
"Have you ever seen "500 Days of Summer"?" He asked.
"Um...No." I said.
He smiled and pulled out the DVD. He put it into the DVD player and we sat down to watch. About half way through the movie my eyes began to get heavy and I leaned my head into Alan's shoulder. He smiled and readjusted me so my head was on his lap. I slowly fell asleep.


OMG update this please! its been forever since you updated!!


OfMiceAndEmilee OfMiceAndEmilee
This is awesome!!! Man Mellon needs some anger management lol
Tayler Tayler
oh my goodness i love this story please update soon
VengeanceX VengeanceX
please update!! i love this!!!
notkathryn notkathryn