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I Fell in Love With a Boy at the Rock Show

I Can't Just Leave Her There!

We were all about to sleep because it was super late.I was about to climb into my bunk when we heard a loud bump.
"What was that?!" Phil yelled from his bunk.
"I don't know!" Tino yelled back.
"Someone should check it out!" Austin yelled.
"I vote Alan goes!" Aaron yelled.
"Fine!" I yelled
I walked into the front lounge and grabbed an umbrella. I opened the bus door and peered outside. The rain was just starting to let up. I stepped outside and opened the umbrella. I walked over to the other side of the bus. I looked and saw a figure, but it was too dark to see who it was. I walked closer. I gasped. It was Ellis. I got on my knees. She was just laying there. Is she dead? I felt for a pulse. She was alive. She must be sleeping. I picked her up bridal style and walked back to the door of the bus.I abandoned the umbrella on the ground. I would grab it later.Rain soaked my fiery hair. I knocked on the door with my foot. Austin opened and gasped.
"Is that Kellin's sister?" He asked.
"Yeah. I found her sleeping in the rain." I explained.
"Well get inside! You're both soaked." He ushered me inside.
I hurried inside.
"Is that Ellis?" Aaron asked.
"Yes!" I said, annoyed.
"Who is Ellis?" Phil asked.
"Sleeping with Sirens new merchgirl and Kellin's sister." Aaron explained.
"SHE'S WAKING UP!" Tino yelled.
"Maybe it's because you're SCREAMING!" Austin yelled.
"Shhhh,she's opening her eyes." I whisper-yelled.


OMG update this please! its been forever since you updated!!


OfMiceAndEmilee OfMiceAndEmilee
This is awesome!!! Man Mellon needs some anger management lol
Tayler Tayler
oh my goodness i love this story please update soon
VengeanceX VengeanceX
please update!! i love this!!!
notkathryn notkathryn