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I Fell in Love With a Boy at the Rock Show

The Date Part 1; Breakfast

First, Alan and I walked to this cute little cafe and sat down at a booth. A small petite girl with long blonde hair came to take our order.
"What would you like to eat today."
"Double chocolate pancakes with bacon and coffee" Alan said.
"And you ma'am."
"Strawberry pancakes with sweet tea please." I ordered.
She nodded as she wrote down our orders.
"I'll bring out your drinks in a minute."
She walked back to the kitchen. Alan looked at me.
"You look nice today." He complemented.
I blushed.
"Thanks, you too."
He sighed.
"I have to ask you a serious question." He said seriously.
"Um...Ask away!" I encouraged.
He gave me a serious look.
"Do you like cats?" He asked, the look still remained on his face.
Is he serious? I studied his face. He was serious.
"Yeah," I answered.
"On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like cats?"
"9, I guess."
The serious look melted into a sweet smile. The waitress came back out with our drinks. Alan poured creamer into his coffee along with sugar. I sipped my sweet tea.
"So, did you have fun last night?" Alan asked.
"Yeah." I answered.
"I hope I didn't do anything too stupid." He laughed.
"Not really." I told him.
"Thanks for bringing me back to the bus, I appreciate it." He looked at me with a thankful look.
"It was no big deal." I said truthfully.
The waitress brought out our food and Alan dug in. I took small bites so Alan didn't think I was a slobe. He looked up at me. His mouth was surrounded by chocolate.
"Um...Alan you have something on your face." I told him nervously.
He blushed and grabbed a napkin. He wiped the chocolate off.
We finished eating and Alan paid for the meal.
"So, where are we going next?" I asked as we left.
"Another surprise!"


Sorry if it's short, but I wanted to separate the date into parts. The next part will be in Alan's P.O.V.


OMG update this please! its been forever since you updated!!


OfMiceAndEmilee OfMiceAndEmilee
This is awesome!!! Man Mellon needs some anger management lol
Tayler Tayler
oh my goodness i love this story please update soon
VengeanceX VengeanceX
please update!! i love this!!!
notkathryn notkathryn