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Meet My Dedication


I reached Austin, he smiled at me and declared "You better not be stealing my ginger princess."

"Never would I do such a thing!" I replied in mock outrage - I love Alan and Austin and the relationship they share. Though i personally believe that Austlan will never truly happen.

"Ok then." He seemed satisfied with that, and offered to sign my stuff. I agreed happily, and after a few photos and a small conversation, I moved on.

It was so great to finally meet all the band. They were all great in person! And in all honesty, they are all better looking in the flesh too!

I went and stood where Alan had pointed to, I was so excited but I was also so nervous! I didn't want to disappoint anyone or make a bad impression! Argh!

As if seeming my discomfort, Alan looked over at me and smiled. This immediately relaxed my nerves and I began to enjoy watching the band interact with their other fans. It's so obvious how much they care about their fans - this is why I would rather like my bands than all your mainstream rubbish where they are just all about the cash and the fame!

After about half an hour the last person left and the band all began to move about. They collected their stuff and made their way out - towards the bus I presume.
Alan grabbed his stuff - phone, presents, drink - and walked over to me smiling.
"Ok so I've gotta head back to the bus, but you can come too." He stated.
"But are you sure that's ok? Aren't the others going to mind?"
"Nah, they'll be safe about it. C'mon lets go!"

So just like that, I was getting to live out one of my dreams. The Of Mice & Men tour bus!

As we walked out towards the bus Alan said "I feel really rude, but I didn't catch your name earlier. Would you be so kind so as to put me out of my misery?"
"Oh yeah well I'm Eloise."
"And I'm Alan" he declared whilst I laughed. As he finished saying this, we reached the bus.

The Of Mice & Men tour bus. Home to my favourite band for at least like half the year. I had basically been invited to their house!
OMG! I was totally fangirling!
OMG - this is gonna be AWESOME!


I'm glad you like it! I am promise I will update it soon... Do you have any ideas?

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This is adorable <3<3<3

Yourwells. c:
Ossific Ossific
Thanks xx
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Oh yey. Have fun on your holiday.
Ossific Ossific