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Repeating Apologies

Chapter 4

We eventually arrive back at the hotel. When I'm stepping out of the van Ben grabs my arm pulling me aside, "Amberli please don't be so hard on Danny. He's trying his best to raise you and doesn't want you to end up like him. Its hard thinking you're growing up." I just sigh and shake my head. No one ever understands what its like to be nineteen and treated like I'm still fifteen.

I just walk away joining the others to the elevator. Not everyone could fit, so i decided to go with the second group because, well, Alan was in it. The next elevator shows up soon and the rest of us pile into it. I squeezed next in front of Alan. I'm reminding myself to breathe. Kellin looks over at me smirking, "Hey Amby you okay over there?" I just shoot him a death glare and ignore him. I hear Alan laugh behind me, well i feel it also since my back is pressed against his chest. As soon as the door opens I run off towards my room. I hear all the guys laughing behind me, but for some reason I could have sworn i saw Alan blushing...

When i get to my room, I slide the card through the slot and go in. Most of the guys are in the living already already taking shots. I walk up taking a bottle of lemon vodka and sipping from the top. Danny glares at me and moves to take it but Ben just shakes his head no. The rest of the guys come in and Jesse from Sleeping With Sirens puts his phone in the Ihome dock and turns on Attila. I just smile and take another sip of my vodka. The guys are encouraging Cam to chug a bottle of Tequila. I laugh and join in on the cheering.

-----Next Morning----

bang bang bang
"AH WHAT THE FUCK SHUT UP" I scream at who ever is banging on my door. I have the worse hang over ever. I turn over coming face to face with a naked Kellin Quinn. fuck my life. What did i do last night? Obviously had sex with Kellin. Again. Looks like I should never drink around Kellin. BANG BANG BANG "AMBERLI I SWEAR IF KELLIN IS IN THERE YOU BOTH ARE DEAD" I hear Danny yet. Shit. I begin shaking Kellin awake. HE slowly opens his eyes and sighs, " again?" i just nodd. "Danny is threatening to murder us outside my door."
"Just put some clothes on and i will then we'll go out and face it," I nodd and head to my clothes. I get out a pair of my jean shorts and an Of Mice & Men tank. I put my hair up in a bun, then turn around to see Kellin watching me. We both nod and head for the door.

I unlock it, opening it slowly, seeing everyone sitting around the living area. They watch me and Kellin walk out and they take notice of our messy hair and Kellins clothes from yesterday. Danny storms out of the room and slams the door. "I fucked up again didn't I?"
No one answers me.


It's short but its something!


I'm working on a chapter now (: sorry for the wait

kawaii.rayne kawaii.rayne
Please update soon <3 this is really good
Tacosinthebronx Tacosinthebronx
This story is amazing keep writing!
bandsaremylife bandsaremylife
I like it
Ishipolin Ishipolin