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Repeating Apologies

Chapter 3

As we walk out the room and down the hallway to leave again, I ask Danny, "so who is all going out with us?" He smirked and replied, "Oh my band, Sleeping With Sirens, and Of Mice And Men" I started to slightly freak out then because Of Mice And Men were going. "oh my god Danny why didn't you tell me before so I could look better?!" He just laughs as we get to the elevator. I look down at myself dressed in simple ripped skinny jeans and an old Asking Alexandria tank top, no makeup on and my hair in messy bun.

He's still laughing as we get off in the lobby and I see everyone stand around and I ignore him, walking up to Cameron. "woah there what's got you looking so pissed off?" Cam asks me. I simply reply by looking in Danny's direction. he nodded as if he understood me and Danny just had a little argument.

I asked who we were waiting on and it was answered by Austin Carlile and Alan Ashby getting off the elevator. Someone yells, "Let's gooooo!" and we all leave the hotel walking out the side entrance to avoid popperazzi and get to one of the vans to head to the restaurant. I'm secretly watching Alan. Creepy I know but this is my first time around him in person. he was sitting two people away with Austin in between us.

Austin throws his arm around me and says, "Well hey there little Worsnop haven't seen you in a while!" me and Austin met once and kinda kept in touch. He doesn't know about my crush on Alan though.
"one don't call me little, two it's all your fault!" I stick my tongue out playfully and childish. I see Alan watching us and Austin notices and finally introduces us.
"well Alan, darling, this Amberli. She's Danny's little sister." Alan smiles at me and I have to remind myself to breath.
"hey there lovely, Ginger princess at your service!" he jokingly says and I laugh and smile back at him.

We reach the restaurant and all of use walk in and are escorted to a VIP area that's closed off from the rest of the place. at the table I some how ended up between Alan and Kellin Quinn. Me and Kellin have always been close. We love to fuck with my brother by flirting around him and he's sitting across from us. The only thing I'm worried about is with Alan next to me, if me and Kellin flirt would it ruin a chance? Oh who am I kidding not like There is a chance anyway.

The waitress comes to take our drink orders and sees Kellin. Her eyes instantly light up. "Well hello there handsome what can I get you?" I can tell he's uncomfortable so I help him out by placing my hand over his on the table and leaning close telling her "Sweetie he will have a ice tea with lemon and I'll have a coke." I saw her eyes darken instantly and she rudely says "Oh I'm sure he can speak for himself." I squeeze his hand and say "There are other people waiting, why don't you do your job instead of worry about him?" her face turns red and she takes everyone's drink order and leaves.

Everyone starts laughing as she leaves and Kellin kisses my cheek and says "Thanks gorgeous," I just smile and roll my eyes looking at the menu and deciding on a salad since I'm vegetarian. I hear everyone talking and Danny telling Kellin to chill it with me. Soon the waitress comes back with our drinks giving me the evil eye and takes our orders and leaves again. I see Alan looking over at me occasionally and eventually he asks me about me and Kellin if we were a thing.
I laugh and tell him, "Oh no! Me and him just like to mess with my brother."
he laughs and says, " Ah that makes sense." I figure sense he asked me about me and Kellin I could ask him if he was with anyone...
"so what about you ginger princess? With anyone special?"
"Nah not right now. Excited for warped?"
"Hell yes! First concert" I blush slightly admitting that, seeing as my brother has been in Asking for a few years now. He was about to say something but then our food arrived and everyone was busy eating. I didn't really eat much. Mostly just messed around with my food. I saw been giving me a look that meant for me to eat more. He's the only one who knows my eating issues. I nod and take a few bites and he smiles letting me known I did good.

Soon we're all finished and heading back to the van. Ben says he wants to stop and get drinks for tonight to party some. I cheer and tell him to. Danny looks at me, "No Amby you're only 19."
"Get off it Danny. You were 16 and getting drunk every night. At least I'm not like that!" by now everyone was looking an watching us.
"Goddamnit Amberli, stop throwing shit in my face from the past!"
"Then let me have fun for once instead of being treated like a little girl. You don't fucking own me"
Ben came back with alcohol and noticed the tense air and Austin whispered and told him what happened. He comes and sits next to me in the van with Alan on the other side of me. The ride back to the hotel was tense and silent. I was just looking forward to getting my hands on a bottle of vodka.


sorry it's taken a few days to update, but it's here now(:


I'm working on a chapter now (: sorry for the wait

kawaii.rayne kawaii.rayne
Please update soon <3 this is really good
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This story is amazing keep writing!
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I like it
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