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Repeating Apologies


I woke up to the sound of my favourite song blaring from my phones alarm. I groan rubbing my eyes hazily and grab my phone before hitting dismiss and slowly getting out of bed, once I'm out I stretch my arms wide, yawning slightly, before walking over to my mirror and groggily looking at my reflection and groaned at the features that stood out the most on my tan skin; the atrocious morning hair and bags under my eyes. I decide to get a shower and get dressed before going downstairs. Who knows who my brother Danny has over? Gotta look nice.

I quickly shower and get out wrapping my hair in a towel, turning my straight iron on. I walk back into my room grabbing a pair of ripped black skinny jeans, and a Mice & Men shirt and under-garments before walking back into my large bathroom with a modern exterior. I dress quickly and begin doing my daily make-up; minimum black eyeliner on bottom and top, It really brings my green eyes out. I change my lip piercing from silver to blue for some color.

I also have visible angle bites. I swiftly let down my hair from it's messy bun and quickly straighten it. When I go back to my room, I grab my black Converse and head downstairs, before plugging in my head-phones; blocking out my surroundings.

Danny is standing in the middle of the kitchen with no shirt on talking to Ben. "Morning Ben, and put a shirt on Danny. No one wants to see that," I jokingly say when I reach the kitchen. They both greet me with mornings and Danny just rolls his eyes.

"so short stuff, I have something to tell you," Danny says
"One, I'm not that short only 5'2". And Secondly, what?" I reply.
"Talked to my tour manager and got it cleared for you to travel with us on Warped Tour!" I begin jumping up and down hugging him and pretty much spazzing. I'd never been able to go on tour with them before because of school and now I can. I'm so excited!
"Well Amberli go get packed. We have to be at the airport in 3 hours to get to LA."

I run upstairs quickly and grab my suitcase and bags out of my closet. I throw a bunch of skinny jeans, jean shorts, tank tops, band shirts, and a view dresses into my big suitcase. In the smaller one I put some different Vans and Converses in them with some random stuff like scarf's and such. My makeup bag and shower stuff goes into a the smaller suitcase. In my backpack I put my laptop, phone cord, iPod cord, extra headphones, and a drawstring bag to carry stuff with me at warped.

I put my phone in my back pocket with my iPod, grab my bags and head downstairs again. "I'm ready!", I yell and set my stuff down. Danny comes up the stairs from his room in the basement and tells me to set my stuff by the door and grab something to eat. I go into the kitchen and grab a chocolate bar and a coke. Weird breakfast right? It's what I learned to live with.

"Yo, Amby we have the cab here. Let's gooooo," Ben shouts at me and pick up my lack hoodie and head to the car. I sit in-between Danny and Ben on the way there to meet up with the guys and head to LA. When the cab reaches the London airport, we all grab our stuff and thank the guy before heading inside and seeing the guys.

I'm immediately picked off the ground by Cam and swung around. "CAAAAAAM PUT ME DOWN" I yell at him and he puts me down and I greet the rest of the guys and sit down waiting for our flight to be called. I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I remember is being woken up by Danny and told we have to go. I follow them on to the plane excited as hell because its my first time going to America. I sit in-between Ben and Danny again on the plane and put Headphones in listening to Repeating Apologies by Of Mice & Men. God, I love them so much. I lean my head on Danny's shoulder and close my eyes waiting for sleep.


I'm working on a chapter now (: sorry for the wait

kawaii.rayne kawaii.rayne
Please update soon <3 this is really good
Tacosinthebronx Tacosinthebronx
This story is amazing keep writing!
bandsaremylife bandsaremylife
I like it
Ishipolin Ishipolin