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Alan Ashby, page 2

My Understanding

My Understanding

R Romance Comedy

Emily's band is going to be the opening band for the OM&M show. that show is just the beggining of a carreer they've wanted for a long time & a true friendship between two singers.


10.0 3 Votes
Never Giving Up

Never Giving Up

R Romance Teen

This is a student x teacher Cashby fic. I don't own anything besides my story.


Can We Start Again?
Another You

Another You

R Romance

OM&M does not belong to me, but my fictional characters do.


- 1 Vote
Learn To Cope

Learn To Cope

R Adventure Fantasy Crime

Austin Carlile was known all around California for getting into drugs, fights and alcohol. He lived inside his dark ripped up flat alone. The 21 years he has lived have been filled with trouble making and throwing his life down the drain for his next fix until he was admitted to CDCR Rehabilitation


10.0 7 Votes
Save Me From Myself

Save Me From Myself

R Romance Drama Teen

Cashby. Triggering. Alan is back in California after moving away three years ago. As they struggle through their junior year, Alan uncovers Austin’s secrets. What will happen as Alan falls for his longtime best friend and Austin is stuck in a dark place?


10.0 4 Votes
We're all made just a little bit broken
The Bet

The Bet

NC-17 Romance Drama Teen

What happens when Austin's friends think it would be fun to trick the depressed ginger boy ?


9.8 22 Votes
A Sequel to an Alan Ashby Fanfiction

A Sequel to an Alan Ashby Fanfiction

NC-17 Romance Comedy

After Victoria's encounter with Jared, she falls into a very deep depression. Her new boss, Carolyn, forces her to go on tour with Of Mice And Men. Will the boys from Of Mice And Men notice her depression before it's too late? (Link to first story is included in summary)


Completed ✓
10.0 29 Votes
I look fine but I'm Broken..

I look fine but I'm Broken..

NC-17 Romance Drama Teen

I'm a f*cked up girl in a f*cked up world.


9.3 9 Votes