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Random stories

One Shots  (completed for now)

One Shots (completed for now)

NC-17 Romance Drama Teen

for any band member, about anything. no rules


Completed ✓
9.9 15 Votes
Spar With The Truth

Spar With The Truth

NC-17 Romance Teen

Chapter 7 of "Spar With The Truth" found on Wattpad (by user shayybay)


Completed ✓
- 1 Vote
Give Me Therapy

Give Me Therapy

R Romance Drama Teen

When Maggie's boyfriend sends her to therapy she meets Tony Perry whom she wish she never met.


Completed ✓
10.0 7 Votes
Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go From Here?

R Romance Comedy Teen

Author of "On The Edge."


10.0 89 Votes
Reinventing Your Exit

Reinventing Your Exit

R Romance Drama Tragedy

The third and last installment of Austin and Ellie's story. Sequel to When You Fall Asleep Tonight.


10.0 16 Votes
The First Punch

The First Punch

R Romance Comedy Drama

Alexandria has been with Mike for half a year now. But when their relationship ends due to abuse and a drug problem, and she is forced to go on Warped Tour with the band what will happen?!


Completed ✓
10.0 30 Votes
Is It Really My Happily Ever After?

Is It Really My Happily Ever After?

PG-13 Drama Tragedy Teen

cathy had a dark past, but can Aaron see through it? its 2016 and MCR had made their comeback. can Cathy's bad habits stop? what happens when her dreams come true just to plummet back to rock bottom? will anyone save her?


Without You I'm Nothing

Without You I'm Nothing

R Romance Teen


10.0 11 Votes
Help, Confusion, and Firm Voices
Restoring Force

Restoring Force

NC-17 Romance Comedy Drama

Kat never did get along with people, and when she meets Austin can the two of them overcome the tendency to get on each others nerves? Austin Carlile / OC


9.9 20 Votes